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At least 2 volunteers are needed for Williamsport games - a Game Director, an announcer, the official scorekeeper and pitch counter (the roles can be separate or combined).

The Game Director needs to arrive 1 hour before the start of the game.

The game director is responsible for the overall conduct of all activities from the time the teams arrive until they leave the playing complex.
The game director shall:
1. Conduct the coin flip to determine home team during bracket play only. During Pool Play, home team is determined by the selection process and is assigned on the tournament schedule. The home team MUST use the first base dugout.
2. Check the eligibility affidavits.
3. Control pre-game practice:
a. Each team will be allotted twenty minutes for infield practice. The host team (home team if both are traveling) will have the field first.
b. The remaining time will be for field “dress-up" and player introductions.
c. It is important to start the game on time. Game time is when the home team takes the field and the umpires have their ground rule conference.
d. Collect from each team, and hold for the umpire six regulation, new baseballs or three regulation new softballs. At the conclusion of the game, the balls will be evenly distributed to the two teams. Do not use more new balls then necessary.
4. At the conclusion of the game make sure the correct scores and pitching records are recorded on the team affidavits, and the affidavits are signed and returned to each team.
5. Until the umpires take charge of the game (when the lineup cards are exchanged and/or the ground rules are reviewed) the decision to play or not to play due to weather conditions is that of the game director.
6. In the event there is a protest involving playing rules, it MUST BE RESOLVED BEFORE THE NEXT PITCH OR PLAY OR IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. If it is not possible to resolve the problem at the game, a call should be made to Frank Wulff at 973-477-1561,Tom Reynolds at 973-220-4863 or Ken Waer 973-216-1530. If still unresolved, Regional Headquarters in Bristol (860-585-4730) must be contacted.


The announcer will announce the team lineups and players as they come up to bat. The announcer will also be responsible for playing the national anthem after player introductions.


Click here for a one-page summary of Game Director duties.


Chick here for available volunteer opportunities. Note that start times for the volunteer opportunities, as listed, are an hour before the scheduled game time.